Gerês Canyoning Tour

Region: Peneda-Gerês National Park

Difficulty: Easy


Canyoning is a fantastic outdoor experience that will lead you to discover a new world which is normally unknown and inaccessible. On this itinerary, located in the only National Park of Portugal, you can swim in clear pools, jump from rocks, slip into natural toboggans, rappelling or do zip-line, having as scenery an unspoilt nature with beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear water. Portugal has a climate that makes this activity even more enjoyable.
If it's your first time, you will be alright, it's easier than you imagine. Our guides will look after your safety and make sure you're fun all the way through the canyon. Please note that jumps, zip-line and slides are not compulsory. You can decide, according to your abilities and mood, what do you prefer to do. The experience will be stunning anyway.

9:00 - We will pick you up at your accommodation place;
10:00 - Arrival at the river;
10:30 - Start canyoning;
14:20 - End of descent;
14:30 - Snack (optional);
16:00 - Drop off at your accommodation place.

Transportation from and to your accommodation place in Porto Metropolitan Area, Braga and Gerês National Park (Ponte da Barca Area), qualified instructors, insurance, Canyoning shoes (Five ten or Adidas Hydro), high performance wetsuit specific to man/ woman, harness with protection, wet socks, double lanyard, helmet, canyoning bags, watertight barrels, neoprene gloves (when needed), life jacket (when needed) and offer of the activity images/videos.

- Swimsuit/shorts
- Towel
- Sunscreen
- Snack (or request by 5€ extra)

Price per person with transportation:
2 to 5 people - 70€
more than 5 people - 60€

Price per person with own transport:
2 to 3 people - 70€
4 to 5 people - 60€
more than 5 people - 50€

Snack - 5€

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